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2009-10-19 10:15:29 by jr73380

if anyone can make a good flash intro for my website that would rock. Anyone who likes disturbed, the website is go and check it out before you comit. Thanks


2009-08-13 21:10:17 by jr73380

ok, so apparently one of the artists I scouted broke the rules and now I am unscouted. Okay, who was it speak up and i will not be upset with you... I'm not mad...... :)


2009-07-08 15:54:01 by jr73380

I am going out of the country tomorrow! HEading to the Cayman Islands for a nice long Dive Trip!


2009-07-07 13:15:32 by jr73380

Well, I put my kitty down yesterday. I stayed with her the whole time, I couldn't just leave her to die with strangers. They injected her with a sedative, then after 5 minutes, the Kedamine. She purred to whole time, right up until her eyes rolled back. I held her in a towel for a couple minutes, crying she was after all my best friend. I hope I did the right thing.

Bye bye kitty

2009-07-04 12:23:22 by jr73380

Well, I have to put my kitty down. She is 13 years old and dying, bye bye kitty...


2009-06-27 14:58:09 by jr73380

well..... no one has scouted me yet......... WAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


2009-06-24 20:19:05 by jr73380



1st song put in a flash!

2009-03-19 16:46:46 by jr73380

Well it finally happened! My favorite song that I made was put into a Flash. Porntastic can now be heard in Jackie by Hotdiggedy Demon. It is an awesome little video so go watch it. Thanks to all who listened to Porntastic and all my work.

1st song put in a flash!

Mah Puppeh

2009-01-22 12:51:09 by jr73380

I loves my puppy Izzy!!!!

Mah Puppeh